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The book CONSERVARE IL VALORE – Indice (Preserving the Value) deals with the issues of consumption of resources at global scale, and it proposes a series of methods and strategies to tackle in a transparent way the problem of waste management deriving from this massive consumption.

Waste Management : “THE DEVELOPMENT OF WASTE MANAGEMENT INFRASTRUCTURE IN ENGLAND: PUBLIC GOVERNANCE NOT PERSONAL GUILT” – UCL 2010. This report explores, for England, the infrastructural weakness (up till 2010) and analyses the conditions required to set in place an Integrated Waste Management System and it provides a set of recommendations for policy makers.

In the book Italy since 1945 Oxford University Press 2000, the chapter “Italian environmental policies in the post-war period” analyzes the institutional policies of environmental and territorial protection, or rather their absence, and it draws conclusion on the inadequate capability of policy makers to defend an invaluable cultural and natural legacy.

Rappresentazione del Rischio: TO take a RISK it takes trust EI_UCL JUN 2013