The focus of my research and professional activity has been the application of science-informed policies to lead public bodies and industrial actors to: assess the quality of natural and urban environments; prevent pollution, control emissions and reduce health risk; develop legislation and strategies for the clean-up of contaminated sites; asses environmental and health impacts of waste management strategies and policies; develop climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies at urban scale.

My approach peculiarly intertwines:rifiuti bellezza

  • laboratory and field research on the physico-chemical mechanisms governing pollutants partitioning among environmental media and on pathways of human exposure to chemicals;
  • a wide knowledge of industrial sectors, wide experience in minimizing production’s environmental impacts and optimising waste management integrated systems;
  • the scientific assessment and operational implementation of clean-up technologies and safety measures to remediate polluted sites and reduce health risk;
  • a broad knowledge of international and European environmental legislation, technical protocols and guidelines; a direct involvement in the writing of national legislation and local strategies for the sustainable management of built and natural environments, and the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions.

I have a broad national, European and international experience in analysing, managing and solving complex environmental problems, both at engineering and planning level, including projects in developing countries.

I have a proven ability to start-up new strategic activities, lead interdisciplinary and cross-sector groups to achieve technically and institutionally complex objectives, at city, national and international levels.

Wide experience in securing funds and initiating and coordinating international and European projects.

Professional and research activities are supported by an extended network of national and international relationships.